Car Trade Practices in Chennai

About Chennai Used Car Market

The automobile industry in India is majorly relies on Chennai. The Car, Automobile market in Chennai is the base of thirty percent of India’s total automobile industry. Since it is an automobile hub in India, people also get used to change their cars frequently. Those old cars come to the market since the new car owners have to sell their old car. Used Cars In Chennai are mainly  ruled by used car dealers. A few type of used cars trade practices are discussed briefly below.

Individual Used Car Sellers

Usually this kind of trade happens between the known persons, friends, relatives, and workers. Few of the individuals still go for advertising in classifieds sections of newspaper, posting notices in the notice board and listing the Used Car Portals for sale.

Used Car Dealers

Dealers are business entities doing used cars in chennai or in any other city as their main business. Since there is great workload involved in this trade, obviously the margin has to be made from the car to handle the wages of the workforce involved in this trade. And the dealer has to fork out the cash to procure the car from the sellers. As a result the cars from the dealers mostly are costlier than the cars from the individuals. The advantage is one can sell his car in matter of hours if the pricing is attractive to the dealers.


Used Car Dealers on Commission basis

Some dealers allow the sellers to park their cars in their yard for showing the car is for sale. If any of the customers walk-in to their shop thinks the offer is attractive, based on the sellers expected pricing the dealer will close the deal. The dealer is entitled for the commission, which both the parties are agreed on earlier.

Freelance Agents (Brokers)

Brokers usually don’t have any business entity. In general, the car mechanics are the brokers when it comes to car sale. They just let the buyer and seller come to the conclusion about the deal and the broker gets a minimal amount as reference fee.


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